The Fall of Humpty

Humpty Dumpty could not put himself back together again
You see they picked up the pieces with all the upset kings horses and all the teary eyed kings men gathering bits of shells and piling them all in the broken arms of Humpty
Sure Mr. Dumpty had never done anything too extraordinary
And yeah he was fragile but he had a way about him
He had a smile and simple charm that always cheered up the kings men
He had an apple in his pocket for the kings horses
And while Humpty was kind of a dope and no one was surprised to hear he had perched himself up on that high wall he was known throughout the kingdom for never saying an unkind word, never hesitating to buy a squire a drink and he always winced, never laughing hard, when the kings jester took a fall in his tumblings
It was a testament to Humpty’s good nature that every single man of the kings kneeled in the grass that day picking up eggshell scatterings and the king did not hesitate to use every horse at his disposal to send to Mr. Dumpty’s aid.
As we all know although they gathered together all the pieces of Humpty, all the king’s horses carrying every man in the castle could not piece Humpty back together. Some things just can’t be put back to the way they were and although even the kings wizard said it could not be done every single man took turns trying to restore Humpty Dumpty
Now what they don’t tell you about Humpty is that they did get part of him together.
They strapped the bigger pieces into one and glued the jagged cracks with bits of Humpty and Humpty was hobbling down the main road to the inn and helping maidens carry their eggs with his one good arm in a matter of weeks
You see even though Humpty lacked the common sense to stay down off that wall and even if he was too fragile to be one of the kings men. Even if Humpty could never rough house with the knights for fear of breaking , ride one of the horses for fear of cracking, and even if he was never strong enough to plow the fields, bring in the harvest, or cut firewood. Humpty had a very valuable. smile, his gentle words made the kings men wealthier than the king himself, the laughter he brought was never at a living things expense, and Humpty always held the town together with his love.
No they could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but after seeing how all the king’s horses and all the king’s men tried so hard and for so long to put him back together Humpty realized something.
He knew then that even though he was broken he had the love of every king’s man, Humpty saw he was far more valuable than he had realized before he sat up on that wall.
Humpty saw that his happiness was not so fragile,

And that if he ever fell again the love that he had brought into this world would surely never break with him.