Scriven: Scenes 1-4

Lead Role 1: Dano, Lead role 2, Thirlby, Lead role 3: Lovely girl

Scene 1: Dano sits before a man across the bar, an older working class looking bartender, the bartender flips through a fairly large stack of poetry, handwritten, Dano and the bar owner debate over how many cheap drinks the pages of works are worth. Thirlby sits upscreen, unattended except by a good looking young man. When the two meet, all the while being shunned apart from each other by her older brother Dano. Thirlby is snuck shots, swigs of beer, and drags of cigarettes
Dano discusses his struggle with schizophrenia, as he hears the voice of an actor (walken, Samuel l Jackson) narrating himself everywhere he goes

As Dano debates the value of poetry for shots, cheap tap beer, and bowls of pretzels, he discusses his state of poverty living with his ailing mother. He speaks, with an old bar patron of his struggle maintaing work, of his mothers failing health and of what he will have to do with thirlby when his mother passes, discussing the option of finding an institution to put her in, lacking against his wishes the mean to care for her without his dying mom
The phone then rings at the bar. Dano answers and gets the news that his mother, after battling years of illness, has passed away

Scene 2: The scene opens one the shot of Dano and thirlby’s mom’s feet sticking out from the gurney, the gurney raises into the air as they jack the body up and wheel it out of the room

Their mothers bed lays center screen. Dano visually struggles with the death of his mother as her body is removed. Thirlby sits stage left upon a night stand sitting next to her dead mother’s bed. Thirlby stares into her cell phone, ear buds on, awash in her own little world, dwelling in a poetic landscape of Button Poetry videos, a world with which she can relate to endlessly, consisting of the poetry she speaks at times uncontrollably with her every word.

Dano sits stage right and as her sister dwells in the world of poetry that maintains her emotional control, preventing her from having her otherwise frequent autistic breaks, he begins to kick his dead mother’s bed hard and over and over, as the mattress shifts over the frme benath he sees a hole torn in the fram below, within he pulls a coffee can, and within this he pulls a wad of singles and fives, his dead mother’s last bit of savings, upon finding his mothers last saving he decides to spend the families last bit of money on a venture his mothers has always wished to partake in. To take his mentally ill younger sister to see the ocean.


Scene 3: Dano drags Thirlby through the apartments cluttered living room, scattered all through every room in the scenes (including their mother’s bedroom) lay stack after stack of pages after pages of handwritten poetry, some chest high. Dano drags his sister thropugh the door to the inside of Dano’s piece of shit old car. He seats his siter into the passenger seat as she remains lost in the world of button poetry video. As he sits himself I the driver’s seat, thirlby murmurs the words “Neil Hilborn” childlike nd lost in a state of poetic love. Dano seats himself at the the driver seat. He fires up the old car then rocks back and forth at the steering wheel as he mutters to himself. He then climbs from the driver’s seat. The shot being taken through the windshield of the front of the vehicle. Dano returns with a stack of papers from their apartment muttering further. Then proceeds to fill the back seat of the old car with stack sfter stack of handwritten poetry. Stuffing the stacks of his sister’s poetry into the seat of the vehicle to the ceiling, then stacking the floors of the backseat of the vehicle until the papers rise into the roof of the car.

“I got. I got it> I got it.” He mutters as he seats himself back into the car. He turns the ignition of the vehicle as he gets himself situated, grinding the starter as it is already running. Then Dano puts the car into reverse. Backing the old rusted car out and pulls away muttering “To the beach. To thebeach. To the beach.”

Scene 4: Dano and Thirlby drive cross country to the beach. The camera sits alongside the road as they peel pass. The voice of the great Walken runs narration through the head of Dano as he drives. Thirlby remains in her own Button poetry world, mumbling lines of poetry, lost and thoughtless. The Walken dialogue is short and plot-line, Dano tires quickly of Walken’s voice in his head. Out of sheer frustration he begins slamming the wheel once again, barely audibly muttering “shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up, Shut The FUCK up.” The narration by Walken ceases and the drive moves on.


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