A man and his younger sister endure the death of their mother. Stricken with poverty and lost with what to do to care for his unusually autistic sister, he watches as his deceased long time ailing diabetic mother is wheeled from their rundown small apartment. Frought with grief he stumbles upon their mother’s life savings, a wad of singles and fives found in a coffee can hid in their mothers room.

The man, realizing that his finances are completely insufficient to support his mentally ill sister, and that it is only a matter of time before, through no fault of his own, his sister will be institutionalized for her highly unusual autistic condition and his family will no longer exist.

In a distraught state, suffering both from his mothers passing and the realization that his sister will be institutionalized despite any and all of his best efforts in only a matter of time. He comes to the hard made decision to see out one of his mothers longstanding dreams she, in her failing health, knew they could never accomplish as a family. He decides to take the money found in his deceased mothers room and take his young beautiful and troubled sister for the last vacation of her life to fulfill a long desired wish of his mothers. The wish that the man take his sister to see the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. A California ocean, a stretch of beach, a sunset on the horizon, and give his sister the only chance she will ever have to see the ocean before she falls too deeply into her mental state to see anything of the world and locked into the horrible fate of being institutionalized in a government institution for one last time.

The character of the lead is a man approaching middle age. He has a slightly defensive neurotic streak. He is devoted to his mother and sister dearly. He has a long streak of dead end jobs and unemployment.

The lead male role (and this plot line is hilarious but open to adjustment in my eyes.) is a diagnosed schizophrenic. He is a fully functional schizophrenic. He is not often prone to mood swings or any outward delusions the audience can see, but complains from time to time that he suffers from auditory hallucination. Hallucinations namely of a narrator in his head that he swears sounds just like, or very much like Morgan Freeman or any other striking celebrity. He does not often outwardly display his schizo state, but when unattended by anyone except his sis (who struggling with her own mental illness never seems to note much his behavior) he is filmed yelling at the voices in his own head.

His sister suffers from her own mental illness. I picture a quite beautiful young pale redheaded girl with long curly hair. Due to the nature of the autistic condition she has suffered from since birth she only seems to be able to speak in flowing gorgeous lines of poetry. When happy, in the social eye, or generally in a calm state, the poetry she speaks, poetry consisting of endless gorgeous always original and unheard of lines, fits the mood of the scene. Her replies are in character with what is going on around her, being curt, defensive, flirty, happy, or snotty. When under extreme duress, or during her fits of outrage, or fits common of autistic people, which typically surface under periods of high stress or at times triggered by unpredictable events such as being in an unusual environments or being exposed to occurrences or experiences that break hard to understand or unexpected patterns in their life

During times of autistic breaks in composure or being triggered by stressful events she is prone to break from her typical flowing and beautiful original lines of poetic discourse to stammering, at times violently, and at times repetitively, quite bad verse and prose, the poetry that is her own language and quite tentative link to the rest of the world breaks down.

The only sure fire thing her brother has found to calm her reliably in her autistic breaks is poetry as well. Her brother is always keeping close at hand a small smart phone or run down Ipad to place before her when these outbursts occur. He turns on youtube to the Button Poetry youtube channel, often sitting quietly next to her as she inward, earbuds in, safely wrapped in a world she is incapable of escaping, poem after poem, The only legible think she is to say during these times is softly murmur, “Neil Hilborn” a fellow poet friend of mine, notorious to the national scene and well known nationwide as an incredibly popular slam poet, and his very well known poem “OCD” found on Button Poetry’s youtube channel garnering over ten million hits online.


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