Freaks All

The goat boy is the biggest draw at the fair

When really the goat boy is 56 years old and makes a living mewling and baaa-ing

So loud half the damn visitors peel off four tickets to meet him

And they leave disappointed at the sight of an old man with a set of horns strapped to his head

Porn mag in one hand and a Budweiser in the other

Glaring them right in the eye

With a good chaw spit at the feet of every one of them

Now there’s also the worlds biggest alligator

But he floats in embalming fluid and wiggles to the jig a of stick fixed to his belly

And then there’s the worlds tiniest horse, but that mare keeps getting bigger and bigger

The bearded lady draws in a couple dozen

Then winks so hard the guests make their way past right quick

The barker

Now there’s a man worn his dollar

And a hell of a fine pickpocket

I always looked up to the freaks at the fair

And I’ll be damned if I nearly can swallow the whole sword

And I’ll be damned but I’m only ten or thirteen piercings to attain Freak

And I’ll be damned but cotton candy for dinner

Is taking its toll


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