Izabel and Her Dragoness

The red dragoness had a favorite tea set

Now a dragoness is very quite big

With thick red scales

A lovely mane of silver hair

And has jagged teeth and a set of claws

Unseen to most of the little pink people of the world

Now, as I’ve said, the dragoness had a favorite tea set

However her claws are far too awkward to fill the creamer

To dunk the chamomile tea into the pot

And to tip the little perfect tea pot over the little perfect tea cup

Until one day along came a little brown haired girl named Izabel

And Izabel, the fearless little girl she was

Was the best company a dragon could have

And the dragoness baked cookies on a rock for them with her fiery breath

Then Izabel poured tea with her delicate little fingers for the red dragoness

And they discussed the weather, and the news, and all the other little things that make a girl named Izabel and a red dragoness titter

And every Sunday after that they gathered with cookies and tea

And were friends for happily ever after


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