The hazmat suit enters, man bold within, bubble astronaut plastic suit

You are in agony on your stained hospital bed

Tubes and wires inconsiderately running from within and without screaming of uncomfort and

You may die soon

The suit, air and touch bereft of yours

The yellow neon fellow holds a tray

Tuna sandwich on wheat, apple with the peal, and a needle larger than your favorite screwdriver

You have begged god for weeks

You have bawled, pleaded, cried, screamed, and in your self produced puddle you have had

The dare to tell all of everything that you are ready to die once and only once

I has never occurred to you that you may take the pain with you

In your delirium you are certain that you will pass into darkness

Fade to black

And return to the light directly between a loving mother’s legs

To have the snot wiped from your face

And start from the beginning

With the helpless full turn of what you have left


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