Purple Hearts

We are war-torn veterans

Beneath our wrinkled skin, and yellowing aged ribs, lies a strongly beating purple heart

Our name is loss, and the softest of our hands have held the red bayonets of life to belly

A friend comments on earning grace

Of orchids and the most unhallowed of bogs

We will die, the most miserable petals of triumph, pinned to our breaths

And the scent of beauty lodged deep beneath cracked, overgrown and blackened fingernails

We are among the best of soldiers

We are among the strongest that nurture

Our children rise misshapen to rule the world, and they shall bear the glint in our eyes

We will regret nothing

Regret no string of entrails, bullet wound, or kiss to brow

And you will envy us

How dare you, you will envy us

The honest of us will hold before you dozens of yards of barbed wire

Look into your visage knowingly

And say without hesitation

Eat and you may understand


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