Prepare To Die That You May Live

I have drained the bottle of vodka as an adder’s fangs into the bloodstream

As deadly and releasing as a snakebite

I have enough cigarettes to last till morning

Though even the last was gagged upon

I shall light another stick in twenty minutes or so

Did you know fresh radishes go strikingly well with the aftertaste of alcohol?

Did you know that at times nerve pain and the soul kink as a water hose

Twisted and bundled until the flow is cut

And when set straight

The flow is remarkably stronger

Did you know I write these words a leather maker?

Scraping the hide of my mind clean of flesh, laying it before you in the sun

And returning later to carve what I may out of the dead, stiff, rigged skin

Often all of what I create resides as strips of belt leather

Brown and drilled with holes yet practical

The belt around my waist may live longer than I after all

I truly think what drives us mad of anger and mind

Is the knowledge that no matter what we may succeed

No matter our brood, or skyscraper, mountain conquered, or view among the clouds of all

That Myrtle the Turtle must surely own laid before him

Mankind knows they’re done for

Bloody, dried husk, maggot ridden, released

I know it is hard to understand

When struck in the face, spit your teeth at them

When left wounded in the grass to die appreciate the skyline

When sunk so far you seek the noose, smile

Unwrap the rope from overhead and build a swing from nearest tree branch with the length

Because we owe this to ourselves

We owe this to creation

We owe this to a God, or Big Bang blast, that set us upon this spinning orb

Clueless and desperate, cold and seeking the warmth of almighty life’s machinations

We spin the gears, are the gears, our blood oils the gears

As helpless as we are

We are life

At its highest ranking in the chain

We have no right to life’s mercy

Prepare a meal that it may spoil in your gut

Prepare a mind that it may forget

Prepare a child, a kingdom, that it may not need you soon

Prepare yourself to die that you may live


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