Before the door was shattered and the men gathered in their armbands and slurs

The key was swallowed whole, dry down the tube, the press against the inner throat, of steel

Well I was unsure. near choke, as to whether or not I would live long enough to be knee’d in the belly

I sat in rags, I sat clammy and stunken, I sat curled to concrete

When the key passed, the silence it drew in my mind frightened me

The scare was so fierce I nearly swallowed it again

Surely the lock of its teeth had been drilled, and opened wide

Surely the secret kept within had seen florescent light, and downturned mouth, and muttering

The key, my last thing, this was mine, my last possession

It opened nothing know

I clutched this piece of aluminum to my chest, clenched it in my fingers

and released it from my grasp only when the firing squad pulled triggers

My last secret, the doorway to things now seen

The last vestige of a forgone life

My sole and final possession

A useless key


And pure


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