“Hi How Have Been?”

always have enough to pay the vet

Because I have not always been there

He hit you before I knew you

I was thousands of miles away when you didn’t feel like being alone

My back was out the day of the move

And you did not call when the car didn’t start

I leave my phone on every night but you did not call

I do not fear that when the time comes I will not know what to do; I am resourceful

And as surely as there is a gravitational pull we will be drawn apart

So may you check the batteries in your smoke detector

May you always have another filter

May the check engine light never come on

And I? Because “hi, how have you been”

Because “I love you” screams ineffective

I say may you

May you never cry over old photographs

May you never know the sting of rubbing alcohol

May you never have to change your locks

May your scissors stay sharp

May your bathroom sink never see blood

May you never succumb to fine print

And may you


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