Fair Warning

Sun had lit the sky today with a fierce

The hue on my skin speaks of bronze

The tree seemed fitting

I sat beneath if for a time, apple in hand, eyes in closure, mind in the breeze at my face

The branches wrapped around me as if blanket

And the world around me slept with the darkening of the sky

And when I awoke, snorted conscious, the limbs of the tree had come

I awoke in a wooden grip, the tree had bent low and closed around me

Naturally I began to panic, squirming and struggling

You see the branches, in my slumber, had wrapped tight to arms and chest

Squeezing shoulder to pinned, and

And well naturally I struggled

The wood would not bend as I shifted and strained, and I gasped, eyes rolling, body shaking

The word panic is always such an understatement in the moment

The sweat sprung cold from brow, and I whimpered and yelled, the moans rang in the night

This cannot be happening, one must awake, incomprehensible

Again, in some moments, no words are fitting

I grew calm then, after my moments of struggle

The cool air brushed the sweat from me

The field was lit by the glow of the moon and I looked in disbelief at the grass before me

At the leaves and bark of my constraint

And at the face bared in the moon itself

And the moon smiled

Fair people of our earth the moon smiled with greyed, large teeth, and leaned in close

“We are not fond of what you have done of us”

The moon said, leaning in hard and low and filling my eyes with its cratered bright

It switched to frown Jack-o-lantern at me as it drew close, and spoke in the voice of grinding stones

“We know you are but one man, simian critter of ground and flesh, but we are unpleased.”

“Tell them to cease the digging, tell them to cease the burning, tell them to cease the poisons.” “Tell them I am growing short of patience, your cities sting my sister you call Earth,

she has no voice as I do, and we grow weary of bearing your steps.”

“Your species is a blight, your guttural language is unnatural, you are no longer welcome here.”

“I am warning you only once. Go back to claws. Go pack to padded feet. Allow your body to embrace hair and hide once again. Release the tools from your grip.”

Then, fair fellow people, the tree released its grasp. The moon rose back into the sky

And I was left with only slight bruises at the shoulders to speak of any truth to the tale.    


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