What Do You Mean You Lost Him

“What do you mean you lost him!” God demanded, and believe me, when god demands an answer you give him a good one.

“Well he was right where you’re all seeing eyes said he would be, but it is a long journey from the depths of hell my lord and somewhere along the way I looked back and he was gone.”

As a lower ranking angel I had seen his life unfold. His name was Eric and his death bed confession was enough to bring a tear to even a high ranking seraph.

“Well where was the last place you saw him?”

The thing about god is that he knows and sees all but rarely bothers to look. He leaves it to the saints and angels to look down upon his Earth. Even a furrowed brow in disapproval is enough to bring a wind current so powerful to the earth that it pulls planes from the sky.

He tries not to concern himself with his love.

My concern is of all of the love in life itself. We were created to bear his love and his wrath more directly.

“My lord he slipped loose of the tether by which I held him. I had not looked back in so long, not since I had left the bowels of Hades, perhaps his soul is lost in torment on earth with so many others. “

You may have been led to believe that to lie to god is unfeasible, but I have asked Lucifer while he was gathering his allies if God was truly all knowing.

“He must be found!”

God’s exclamations rock the floors and ceilings of one’s very being . For a moment my mind flashes with the consequences involved in what I have done, but I have gone too far to turn back. He is as unforgiving as your average human life.

“I swear to you I will seek him out.” which is another way of saying I would spend more time amongst the living blessing them with my presence until He called upon me with another task. It could be two moments or a decade. There was, as any mortal thing with any reasoning skills can tell you, no predictability in the actions of God.

“I swear I will.” I said, and believe me when I tell you: when you swear eye to eye to god he knows whether or not you are telling the truth. He knows whether or not you will fulfill your oath. He knows all. However God has been distracted for nearly all of existence. He has not met anyone’s eyes in eons. I did not even meet his gaze when he created me with a dismissing back handed gesture at another’s insistence. The possibility remains legend. A tale told of the highest hierarchy of beings.

God turned his back on me then as he has so many times before for so many.

I left that lying, stealing, pedophiliac’s soul in the deepest most painful, fieriest place in all of known existence. I would return to earth to slip unbaptized infants in by the thousands. I would lift the souls of the loved into heaven until I met god’s wrath. I would perform gods work as any righteous saint would.

I did not fear nonexistence. I did not fear the eternal pits of hell. I had ventured there many times.

I would serve God as anyone who truly knew his work would.

It was not the first malevolent soul I’d misplaced.



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