You Are Dying

You Are Dying

Maybe there are doctors around you

Maybe your family is there

Maybe strangers, maybe friends


And you are breathing ragged breaths, and your vision goes a foggy red, and you feel your bowels evacuate

Something is pulling at your consciousness

Something like sleep

Or perhaps you are in agonizing pain

You can feel your life leave you as

Seconds tick past and the red fluid runs from ragged holes

One could say you have spent your entire life preparing for this moment

When in actuality you have spent your entire life pretending this will never happen

They say two facts of life are death and taxes

And the irony is the only exemptions you will ever find lie in religion

Many of us have faced the reality of our mortality

That unforgettable day of loss when no one can say just the right series of words

And for some reason they all begin with “I’m sorry”

And our souls bare ragged holes as surely as the wounds we’ve all held rags to

How could we exist without this game of pretend?

How could we clock in tomorrow morning?

or ride the bus home or plan more than a day ahead or hope for our children or have our blood pressure checked or change the oil in our car?

Or allow our eyes to close every night?

What of death we want we want asleep after a hard fuck, and our

children are put through college

Or at record age at the peak of Mount Everest after seeing all the world could possibly offer

We want it never, and we want it Hollywood

And so many of us are suicide cases that are patient enough to wait for fate to give us a time to experience nothingness

And so many of us are certain that our souls will be lifted by a bright white light to the heavens

Quietly pretending not to be fascinated by the final mystery

We’ve seen the dead

Every one of us has killed something

Every culture has their version of final

Eternity, Rebirth, Darkness, Light, Energy, Compost

Everything is going to be okay

Despite the length of our lives. Or the suffering involved. Or the

loved ones left behind. Or the rage of our loss

We all end up in the same place

Finally we are all equal

The dissent of our lives is a very temporary one

Relative to the lifespan of the history of nearly any aspect of the universe you are a flash of heat, the spark of a lighter, the snap of a finger,

The greatest impact of your entire life will most likely be unrecognizable to anyone in a lifespan

And we are all in line for the same ride

Everything is going to be okay

Personally I have no choice but to believe this

The alternative is too horrific to wrap my mind around

Everything will be okay

This is my battle cry every morning

This is my tissue to every moment of loss

I have uttered it in every frame of mind known to a being

And it has never rang false

Know this as surely as you know one day you’ll cease to breathe

It is easier this way

Not one man of wisdom will ever say, “You do not carry the same spark as I.”

Energy is not lost

Live your lives with conviction

Fear not the fangs at the end of the lash

Everything is going to be okay


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