To my wonderful friends and followers

I have actually never reached out to say hello to any of you. I decided early in this blog’s career that it would be strictly poetry with no excuse or elaboration. I posted links to my first book and revamped the site shortly after to feature more of my new work and less of the work for sale published under the title “One Manner Of Hunger or Another”
I have 88 Blog followers at the moment. Hello to you all. Thank You. Those followers were hard earned and are undoubtedly far more responsive than the twitter gang I blog to although I have made a few good friends there.
In the upcoming months there will be a slight revamp to the page again to sell the next book, which is even more beautiful and poignant than the last. In the next couple of months before I tear the site up I will be posting everything I have written and love that just did not make the cut. This is beautiful work, but the pages were too many, and the editor too sharp.
I will post them. I will make a point to read the ones most loved at the venues I frequent. (typically the Fox Egg Gallery in Minneapolis, MN on 38th and Chicago) They will be lost forever after. Not quite worthy of the cut. Doubtful to make the book I write next, they will sizzle in the heat of a morning of more unpublished writing.
The upcoming book is currently untitled and tentatively placed with Bead Poetry a local MN publisher.
I also encourage you to take on the novella at the top of the page entitled “How to Serve an Unholy God”. It is a first draft on my first novel, fierce, and relatively unread. Your input is badly needed, and I encourage all of you to take this opportunity to help shape what could be a very successful book.


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