The Poem

One day I will write The Poem
It will be the final all encompassing poem
It will express all one can say so deeply and eloquently
It will be personal without causing too much distress to my family
It will be relatable to all
And The Poem will fill empty stomachs
This mythical poem will be the last thing any single one of us will ever have to write or read
This piece will lead us all to simpler lives filled with smiles, the smell of a warm oven, well executed hugs, and gratitude for the existence of every single one of us
The soldiers will place flowers in the barrels of their own guns
The politicians and criminals will break bread upon the same picnic blanket and declare love and forgiveness
A stop to global warming will be put with my words
We will all weep with relief for days and when the crying ends no one will ever weep again
The young will never resent their parents again, sexuality will be revolutionized to fit the needs of every individual in existence, and The Poem will have every single being on earth retiring in a lovely little town in Europe
To write it will shuffle me loose this mortal coil
The greatest of orgasms is merely an eyelash in significance to these words
Just you wait
Any day now
It’s almost complete
But I suppose one day it will be prescribed in pharmacies
Or written over bandages that compress gaping wounds in emergency rooms
It will replace bibles
To be quoted over dead soldiers, and
Scattered throughout motel rooms for junkies to roll cigarettes out of its rice paper skin
The presidential candidate that quotes it with the most sincerity will rule the free world and
The almighty dollar will be printed on pages of it and
The working class will slave over two jobs just to hold pieces of The Poem in banks or tucked under their mattress right next to their pistol
They will drop leaflets of it over warring countries
The answering machines will quote it when you call to ask why your benefits have been cut
It will be on the lips of every suicide bomber
I will not be able to live with that
So let me tell you the one about my ex-lover, my uplifting encounter, a death in the family, or maybe just what I thought of a sunrise
Perhaps we’re all better off that way


One thought on “The Poem

  1. Bill – I loved it. I hope you know how talented you are. Someday i will know how to put it into words to express how proud i am of you but for now, these words will have to suffice. Luv, ya sis

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