Because when I drink I have a lot to say.

Now we all know we are merely passengers on a star craft called earth that spins at improbable speed around a massive chemical reaction known as the sun whose single fart would wipe out our existence in the solar system right?
Now on this spheroid magma centered planet, we all know that we are all beings in which time is relative where we will all be extinguished by the degradation of our cells in a lifetime, right?
Now we all know that we spend most of our lives clocking into jobs, or cashing disability checks, or rolling out of bed to the scream of our alarms to feed an economical system that is owned entirely by those with bank rolls that make a lifetime of our earnings compare to snot in a rag to their influence
The lobbyists, the bank owners, the yacht owners, the upper class, some of which have attended college for years and worked the same job for a life time are all equal to nasal drip compared to the interests that one of the richest people in the world accumulate at the end of the day, right?
I would like to, at this point, mention that these people are undoubtedly nearly all middle aged to old white men which somehow modifies the way I am viewed by society although I have never succeeded in living above the poverty level and our societal humankind is less or more likely to relate to me depending on how long it has been since my beard has been trimmed and what T-shirt I have chosen to wear, right?
So then there is death
The great equalizer among us. The true teller of life, death. We can spiritually grovel. We can turn our backs at its existence as the young Buddha in his palace, but we will all fall to the great cutter of the thread. So we stamp. We stamp pyramids that reach into the sky. Tales that reach into the heart. Legacies that affect millions, yet we die. Death the great equalizer of life, death the promise at the end of great pain, always there is death. We salute this unknown maw as soldiers and fathers and caring children to the age-and-ill-affected. We fear and respect and live and die and rely upon this thing known as death.
We raise buildings to the afterlife, we pray its promise holds. We kill, heal, speak, eat, are conceived and born of death. Name one religion not born of death, and its promise of where we will be placed in the afterlife. Gods are a fantasy, and atheists lack imagination.
We are as ever evolving motes of energy yet simian apes just the same. We are a highly evolved society guided by Fox news. We are as a swarm scattering before the flames of existence that our very hives created.
Yet we are individuals acting upon neurons firing into our skulls with pops as random as a 4th of July night. Those who claim sanity are sick and those blessed among the crazed are godsends in straps
Now you may disagree with what I have said, yet no fact-checker could dispute it. You may disagree with what I have not said, and had you a tail you’d find it firmly between your teeth
What more did you expect besides the clinically middle aged ramblings of man nearly out of beer, right?
What more could you expect from a no one, right?
What more would you expect from an opiate addicted Edgar Allen Poe, or a young alcoholic Charles Bukowski whose shift you’ve just been asked to work, or a million, thousand dead men whose silent desperation built your cities, or a serene dead man named Ralph of whom you read in college whose phrase I have stolen
Words only shape people
And we
We shape everything else


One thought on “Because when I drink I have a lot to say.

  1. I like “Because when I drink I have a lot to say.” Since I know you it adds a whole new level to my appreciation of it. Love the images – and there are so many great images!

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