The beast approaches in blackness

It has eyes like slits with red light pushed through them, they loom over me
And teeth like matching rows of soapstone arrowheads
Its lips are rimmed in black hair like wire and pulled back to reveal pink gums with dark blue veins of color running through them.
The snarling snout and fiery eyes looming over are all I can make out in the night
But where my eyes fail me in the dark the rest of my senses are heightened
I can feel the air pushed like a foul smelling steam from its snarling mouth, only inches from mine, and I can hear and feel the low growl rising like an earthquake from the chest of this creature
I am silent as the death that surely comes will be, and I can hear the thud of unseen paws as he shifts his weight from side to side and sniffs
He pulls at the air through his nose with slight pauses in his breath
My hands are empty; my eyes are wide and locked with his
A coward would run
A brave man would swing hands and clenched fingers
A godly man would pray, or curse his chosen deity
But I merely stand, trembling slightly, realizing that no man has ever been so close to this monster and lived
There is a howl in the distance
The face pulls away into the night and the only sound I hear are of its steps loping away
Even a monster does not always hunger


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