I am a poet. There are a lot of bad poets out there and I hold nothing against them as they are merely in the process of getting where they’re going if they choose to travel that far, but damn it to every renowned poet or artist in general that holds their self important pretentious work to the masses and ruins the image of creativity for the rest of us. They are to blame when I ask myself why nobody reads my work. They are to blame when someone I am having a conversation with and takes an interest in my writing changes the subject after they hear I mostly write poetry. I blame those who create solely for their own egos. They are as parents that have children for their own self esteem. their work remains bloated, boring and listless and it is called art and it is a social stigma bordering on a creative lethal injection. Create for yourself. Sing, dance, write, doodle, play guitar as badly as you like. Have no fear that what you do to create is not as good as others work or that there is no one to appreciate what you pulled from within and wove with a given medium. What you have done on this day is yours and though there will most likely be no posterity it can never be taken from you. Every one of us is an artist as surely as every one of you who reads this draws breath so breathe deeply now and reach for your weapon of choice as I have and will. For we have something to prove. Our humanity must be placed somewhere. Create.


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