What Is God but The Ultimate Judge

What is god but the ultimate judge?

God created the crimes, the courtroom; he has the final say on who is innocent and who is guilty. His word is irrefutable. He is the highest court and places the crimes before us to see what the outcome of the very temptations he places before us are knowing beforehand what the result will be.

So why did god create sin?

Why did he give the gift of knowledge to Adam that he may bear witness to his own sin although no sin existed until Adam was aware of them?

This says to me that a sin is no sin at all when we are unaware that we have done wrong.

The image of missionaries teaching tribesman about sin and these people asking a very simple question comes to mind.

The native asks the priest

“If we had never been told of god and therefore failed to follow his teachings would we have been sent to hell?”

The missionary, thinking of his merciful god, replies

“No of course not”

To which the man who has never heard of this god and is filled with a true fear of burning for eternity replies

“So why did you tell me?”

Ignorance of the law does not exempt one from it

but what if the law changes as your ignorance lessens.

Perhaps this is, simply put, a statement that encompasses all spiritual and moral growth.

So, given that god did create a paradise in which Adam and Eve may dwell why would he, being all knowing, “punish” Adam with the gift of the apple of knowledge?

 If he really is all knowing he knew when he created the tree and Eden and the loving couple exactly what the outcome would be to the degree that he knew I would one day write these lines about them.


To me the answer is simple. God, a judge, is nothing without his courtroom.

 God created our trials, us, the universe, and everything because god is a very bored arguably theoretical being. No one, not even god, is happy with everything he or she ever wanted.

 If we are truly made in his image he created us for the same reason we possess goals, hobbies, passions, and desire.

He created us with a similar need in him that has driven me to write these words, hold a job instead of living in poverty, the same reason many of us are not content though we have everything we need.

I have a quote many seem to enjoy “doubt makes faith true.”

Not only does this say to me that one cannot possess true faith without a very pressing amount of doubt it also says that if we had not been instilled with doubt, if god were a presence in our lives unquestionably, we would have no need of doubt or faith and never doubt the belief that everything that has or ever will occur is so for a reason.

We would possess the kind of unquestionable knowledge of god that we place in many everyday occurrences. We would be as assured of the proper course as I am sure that the sun will rise this very morning whether I believe in it or not.

God has punished us to wander the world that is a lonely struggle by placing before us a door he knew we had no choice but to open.

God needed Eve to gift the apple to Adam and Adam to eat it as surely as an adult would grow tired of the company of even the happiest of playful children.

However keep in mind these are merely the musings of a highly functioning, mentally ill, Taoist Agnostic to whom no amount of thought or reflection of the self or the world is enough.

Surely if god exists he has possessed me with a sincere, arguably enlightened, insanity that seems to me to be embodied in one way or another by the entire human race and surely

we have been made in his image.


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