She is Beautiful

She has the beauty of the wings of a cobra

She has the beauty of an aquatic fish that you keep though it kills all desire to place anything else behind glass beside it

She has the grace one must see in the body of a leopard up close before it pounces upon you to rip your flesh to ribbons and still you are grateful that you had the chance to see this up close before you die

Surely to brush against her would blister your skin

Surely to do so would be more than worthy of the agony that proceeds

You are as a moth drawn to her and you know you will burn pressing yourself upon her yet you beat your wings furiously to stay close

There is no means with which to remove herself from within you, for when you are with her you are yourself

When the time comes to place yourself in her arms there is no doubt that you wish for this moment to be your final one

The words fail me

Beauty seems an insult.

And now if we could only meet


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