A Day On The Beach

Every breath is deep and exhales in a lengthy sigh

Her massive body cannot withstand the crushing weight of itself

She was not meant for this beach

She has not evolved to navigate life’s waters with the inclusion of our unseen sonar

Her beauty and sorrow draws a crowd more than willing to share these last moments with her

They gather around and place their hands upon her as if to say

“There is nothing we can do and for this we are so sorry”

Nothing anyone can do to avoid such a fate, but spend every moment that leads to her final one with her

Her eyes reflect emotions some of us have never had to face for most of those who have can no longer hear these words

She is beautiful and there is no living thing that has earned what she received this day

Yet in one form or another it is a moment that must be accepted

As is so often the case there is nothing to be done but provide comfort

The only small mercy she will find upon the sand this day


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