Something That Has Risen In Me Tonight

It is known as energy, it is known as strength, it is known as my life

We know this force as well as we know ourselves and so some of us are fairly unaware of it

It compelled me to write these words, it compelled me to share them with you

When there is no wrong there only remains a lack of agreement

When acceptance comes you see that dissent between others is inevitable

Dissent will always be

When dissent flows through and around you, you must deal with it as one does with a freezing night air

You must let it pass around you, shield those you can from it, and seek shelter where ever it is found

It is okay to react in your way in the same way it is okay to grow cold in a chilling breeze

The sun will rise. The weather will change. The summer will always come again.

To be led by the hand is fine, but be prepared for that hand to be empty and yourself to be slightly lost

To forge ahead alone is much vaunted but prepare to turn around one day and find others unable to follow your trail

We can walk together guiding each other from stumbling over the obstacles hidden in tall grass

We belong to each other for even someone who has never met another human being still has it in him to be alone

I belong to all of you so please care for me as best you can

And I will care for you



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